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Are you looking to set up an office or rent office furniture online???

Be relaxed and rent from India’s best office furniture rental service in Hyderabad. is a service offered by ‘Futureol Pvt Ltd.’ that is a sister concern of 'Future Console Infotech Pvt Ltd'. It is more of a campaign to promote a shared economy business model. It is our duty to use any resource to its maximum or at least pass it on to the next user. We are a one-stop solution to manage surplus across INDIA to maximize returns more efficiently and strategically.

Be it an established organization, a temporary office, commercial spaces, or a startup, we can help you rent all equipment and office furniture needed for office setups like chairs, workstations, pedestals, storage, Sofas, Center tables, Laptops, Printers, refrigerators, water dispensers and more.

Initially starting up a business or relocating an established business temporarily or suddenly consumes huge capital expenditure, but our end-to-end office rental solutions give you all that you need on flexible lease/rental terms. services are the fastest and easiest way to furnish your office space on rent.

How to choose the right vendor for office setup rental in Hyderabad??

  • Check for GST-registered vendors to ensure the genuinity of rental office furniture supplied
  • Check for a Vendor who offers a wide variety of office furniture and equipment for rent
  • Ensure the Vendor has an online presence and online payment options
  • Ensure the vendor provides the fastest delivery of office setup on rent
  • Check for a vendor who understands the technology of seating and office space requirement
  • Check for vendors with the certified support team
  • Check for a vendor who offers the fastest replacement in case of any failures
  • Check for vendors who have the fastest support team
  • Check for vendors who offer discounts for bulk rentals is a one-stop online rental services platform that satisfies all the above requirements a vendor should have.

Advantages of renting Office furniture:

  • Office Furniture or Office setup for rent provides specifications as per your business requirements
  • Easy to pocket- Office Setup or furniture rental is always a less expensive choice than owning them
  • Office Furniture rental saves your business from the high cost of maintenance and modifications
  • Scalability: Increase or decrease the number of workstations, chairs, office tables, etc. as per your requirement
  • Stay Updated: Keep yourself updated with the latest design and features using the Office rental services